VWPFS approached OfficeWorks with the requirement to provide a project management role to support the changing structure of their internal facility group. The existing organizational structure had been in place for the last 10 years and VWPFS required expert assistance to help them with their restructuring plans that would lead to rethink their current processes whilst also rejuvenating and rebranding the group for both the short- and long-term success of the group. In close co-operation with the board, we were able to take them through a path of learning and discovering the full potential of the organization within the new proposed organization. We were able to write a completely new facility plan which led to the adoption of a new approach to contracts, sales, organization, people and cutting costs. The strategic advice written by OfficeWorks was approved by the board and implemented with success within the organization.

The client also expressed their need for a support/coaching role for their move to new premises. We were asked to coach the organization through the process of their move from the very initial stages to the completion of the works and final handover to the client. Due to the short time frame of the project we had to act quickly and steer the process in the right direction to ensure that the new premises was sufficient for their needs from a technical performance and quality of interior finish perspective.

Most of the facility services, such as cleaning and building installations were put out to tender to achieve a more competitive price without any concessions to quality. Through our ability and experience with this type of project the client found that by following this process they were able to cut costs considerably while keeping the focus on quality and efficiency. All of the actions were achieved with a measurable financial and organizational benefit, of which we were very proud to be a part of.

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